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May was mostly smaller finishes, but that’s because the bigger finishes are coming. I’m working on three epic-ly sized t-shirt quilts, with close to 70 shirts in each. Two are actually ready to be bound, but as they’ll all be shipped together, it hasn’t been a priority. So – the big finishes are coming! Soon! And then don’t be surprised because they were a while in the making.

Anyway, the finishes! California Girl / Wildflower Log Cabin / Fourth of July Hexies / Dog Sled stuff / It All Started With a Mouse – and a bonus Pixelated Heart is ready for cleanup and a photoshoot for Friday.

The tops! Greenery, Dog Sled, my sister’s wedding quilt {my OMG goal!}

The quilted! Two epic t-shirt quilts and Bear Paw {okay, so I hid the first epic t-shirt quilt in a box to keep CC off it and didn’t bother taking it out….and Bear Paw isn’t even off the zippers yet. But hey, quilted is a step!}

And the blocks! Eternal Bloom / Jack’s Chain / Celtic Solstice / Floating Stars

For my OMG goal for June, the one thing I should really finish is the double four patch top. {I mean, there’s a ton of stuff I have to do – see: epic t-shirt quilts – but I also need fun piecing on the side!} I cut most of it already, so it’ll just take some free time to play instead of work. Its border is my tutorial for Confessions of a Fabric Addict’s Christmas in July, so…it has to be a flimsy soon!

So that was May, and I still have just about two weeks of school left to keep pushing through June. I’m quilting every single week! And of course, all the moving stuff starts soon, too. By the end of June, we should have a firm plan, and then in July we execute it. In theory. I’ve moved with the military enough to know how plans actually work. So I’m still just trying to get through the stuff I can control before we get to the stage where I can’t.

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Wow, you did really well with making progress last month. Hope you get in some good stitching time while the kiddos are in school. Packing up to move is such a pain, but you are probably really good at it by now.


Looking forward to seeing your quilt top. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.


Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal. Which one of your many finishes was your OMG goal for May?

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