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Whew, it’s been a while, huh? We went to Alaska for vacation – which was amazing! – and then I came back with a nasty head cold. So it’s taking a little longer than I expected to get back to real life. I’m determined to do something resembling a catch-up this week, though, so…

Trip highlight: first, that¬†amazing quilt behind him. Denali has artists in residence, and the artwork, including several quilts, were awe-inspiring. This was up at the Eielson Visitor’s Center – totally worth the four-hour one-way bus trip.

Second, as the Dude was inducted into the Denali Junior Ranger program – literally, at this very moment – the ground shook. It was a 5.8 earthquake. That’s some timing that the Dude will remember for the rest of his life!

And then there was the before-we-left project, a mini quilt for the Dude’s teacher. He picked the blocks {math is his favorite subject – can you tell?} and the fabrics. The blocks are only 4″, so it’s a very small mini at 11×16″, but his teacher loved it, especially how much it reflected him.

And then the biggie – I finished Ripples and Reflections! Well, I shouldn’t say I did. I ended up paying a friend who actually likes hand-binding {weird} to do the last step. But she is done, and I took her to Alaska for delivery to my mother-in-law, and snapped some photos while the scenery was good. Finish post coming soon!

I also sketched out the next t-shirt quilt and did some hand stitching, neither of which is particularly photographic. And before I left, I finished the quilting on Shivaun Place, made six Superman capes and a baby Thor costume, quilted three baby blankets for my church ministry, and finished all the squadron receiving blankets. Whew. I really needed a vacation!

And now we need to get into the swing of summer vacation – hopefully with less coughing!

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4 thoughts on “WiP – Alaska”


That’s crazy that there was an earthquake! That’s a moment he will never forget! And the quilt behind him?! Gorgeous!

And YOUR quilt?! Equally stunning! WOW! Great job!


I hope you are feeling better now. it’s a bummer to come home from vacation sick. The teacher’s mini is really cute, The Dude has good taste. I’m home after a 2 week vacation. I’m way behind in all things.

Jennie Tracy

Feel better. And an earthquake during his “swearing in?” That’s some kind of awesome. I’m excited to see the R&R finish post, because I’m sure you got some amazing scenery in the shot.

Lynette Caulkins

Katie! Wow – what a fun post. That mural quilt is fabulous, and what a “treat” to have his very own earthquake. Ripples and Reflections is so beautiful, and you got the perfect photo for it.

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