Tennessee Waltz – Finished!

This is my second Tennessee Waltz, and it’s still coming in as my favorite quilt pattern ever. I really need to make one for me! Or just finish my Celtic Solstice, which is the same basic pattern.

This one is a custom order for my aunt. The top was easy to piece, and I loved carrying the design out into the border.

And then it sat for a while, because I had no idea how to long arm it. My last TW was an all-over because I couldn’t afford custom longarm prices. But now I *am* the custom longarm, so…

My Mom is a much better sketcher than me, so I asked her to doodle out a design for the middle pieces. It probably could/should have some more filler, but I love that we settled on a design using my aunt’s initials.

The stars and four patches got this wavy/figure eight design.

And the borders got curliques, which curved perfectly around the points and corners.

The backing is flannel from Joann’s, the binding and fabric came from Korea and I threw out the selvages a long time ago. I should really start writing these things down.

Don’t you love my brown grass? This is the latest it HASN’T snowed out here.



9 thoughts on “Tennessee Waltz – Finished!”


Tennessee Waltz turned out beautifully. You came up with the perfect quilting motifs. Congrats on the finish.


Stunning! Great team work! I hope your aunt loves it.


This turned out great! Shell love it. You did a great job with the quilting.


I love your brown grass. I’ve got some too. Mine is long and mucky too.

Look at you, awesome custom longarmer. You are moving past the loopy stuff and butts. I’m still stuck in loopy swirls most days. Can’t shake it!

Lynette Caulkins

Pretty, pretty, pretty! 😀 I love flannel, soft corduroy, minky backings – there is just something almost naughtily delightful about them! The initials idea is so cool, too – that will surely tickle her fancy.


This is stunning! Lovely, lovely job. 🙂

Jessica Norris

Really punchy colours – lovely!

Lara B.

Oh that is wonderful Katie Mae! (My daughter’s name is Kaitie Rae) You have made me add Tennessee Waltz to my bucket list!

Gemini Jen NZ

Absolutely gorgeous! Well done!

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