Taffy – a Porch Swing Quilts Pattern

Woohoo, it’s time for a blitz of pattern reveals and giveaways! Are y’all ready?

Now, as I’m the foster mama for these patterns, I’m probably not supposed to have favorites.

{Jennie’s finished Taffy in Wee Wander.}

But let’s just say Taffy is the only one who had new fabric purchased for it, and you can draw your own conclusions.

But alas, I am speedy, but not that speedy. I made it halfway through my Christmas Taffy in mostly Deb Strain’s Be Jolly.

I think one of the reasons I like this one is the block pressing instructions. Y’all, I got those HST nested perfectly. It’s kind of genius. Okay, it’s not kind of genius. It is genius. I’m modest.

{And yes, even the best pattern editors turn a block around now and again!}

You can read more details over on Porch Swing Quilts – she’s 75″ square…you know, when you actually finish it. Uses fat eighths, which I love, because you can, um, use fat eighths…but also go less scrappy and use fat quarters like me. Or go totally scrappy like I did in Make It Do.

Taffy is for sale over at Craftsy – $5 for this week only!

But wait! There’s more!

I’m giving away a copy of the pattern! And if you win, you totally have time to make it for Christmas. Really. I promise. It’s not that many HSTs. To enter, leave a comment with your opinion on pressing instructions. Are you a “press everything open”? Do you like seeing nested seams on patterns?

And then go over to Jennie’s blog and enter her giveaway, too!

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13 thoughts on “Taffy – a Porch Swing Quilts Pattern”


Nested seams, please! I feel so satisfied when I feel those seams “nesting” as I sew them.


I am a nester/press to the dark kinda gal. One of my first pieced quilts I pressed my seams open and I ended up whip stitching the seams closed as they unraveled. It could have been due to my inexperience – but now I press to the dark.


Santa! I know him!! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

I’ll press however you tell me too. That said, I’m finally finding success with the nested seams. But, my machine doesn’t always love them.


Nesting seams is the easiest way to sew, though with all the half square triangles in the Inverted Star block, I’ve pressing the seams open, it’s less bulky and the seams match up better.

Congrats on the finish. I love the colors in your Christmas version.


Nested seams were how I was taught and I do love the crisp alignment of the seams. Last year I made a quilt with Millions! (a bit dramatic?) of half square triangles and quickly learned the value of pressing seams open. I now feel the pressing is determined by the quilt blocks. Taffy is lovely.. Great Pattern.


there’s something that feels just right when seams that nest properly. Quilts are like a giant puzzle to me, and when the seams lock together, it makes me feel that I’ve done the puzzle the right way.

Penny G

Pressing instructions are an essential or at least a time saver. I have had to spray and press numerous seams because the planning in my mind wasn’t the same as the actual project.

Heather in California

I’m a press my seams to the side girl – but I love when they all nest the right way. Would love to win the pattern! Thanks for the chance!

Tina Short

I like to nest seams but lately I’ve tried pressing seams open and it does reduce bulk.


I like to nest my corners when I press. Great quilt! I am constantly amazed with the amount of quilts you churn out!


Another great pattern with an interesting secondary design! Go Jennie (and Katie, of course, for testing and sharing)!

Jennie T

I’m a “do it Kate’s way” presser. I’m studying your genius.

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