Sail Around the World – a Finished Quilt


So, you saw all the scrappy trip around the world quilts that were so popular about a year ago, right? Two years, maybe? Did you ever see them and think, “that’s nice, but they’re not really TATW quilts. I would do a classic TATW. Scrappy.”

This is a terrible plan. I’m still convinced there’s an error in here somewhere. But if anyone spots it – don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.

I started with strip sets, which ended up being a confusing mess of keeping color order and seams pressed in the right direction. In the end, I made up a document {which you can get right here if you’re crazy enough to try this} and just sewed long rows. It wasn’t worth the effort of trying to keep the same fabrics from touching.

The quilting is a big, loose, ribbon-y swirl. I don’t really know how to describe it – I just kind of went with the flow. I want to do something similar, with flowers, on Ripples and Reflections, so I figured I should get in some practice. And for fun, I used a RWB variegated thread.

This did a good job of emptying my darker blue scrap bins. I’m slowly replacing it with more brighter blues – like the pearl bracelets and crosshatch. RWB can be modern!

This quilt is going to one of my husband’s former commanders, a Navy guy recently promoted to Captain. Or Commander. Navy guys have their own weird rank system. His wife is the most enthusiastic and giving person I know, and a huge inspiration to me – both in military life and running. She ran Boston last year and will be running NYC this fall. The front is sailor stuff for him, but I snuck some floral in the back for her.

The binding is more red dots. Yes, I did buy pretty much every single dot fabric in the Korean fabric market. Why do you ask?

I used 3″ unfinished squares, and a 25×29 layout, for a 63×73″ final size.

5 thoughts on “Sail Around the World – a Finished Quilt”


Wow, beautifully done. I really like how the red, white and blue looks in this version. Congrats on the finish.


What a gorgeous quilt! I’m seriously blown away by this. (So many squares) And even if there is something touching, the overall effect is so pleasing that it doesn’t even matter! FABULOUS finish.


oh this is lovely! I can only imagine the chaos of getting everything in its place!

Jennie Tracy

It’s awesome. I would sit and find the mistake, but I don’t think it’s there. Love the backing too.

Jasmine Creates

Wow! It looks incredible. I love your scrappy trip. And if you have any of the same fabric touching, it isn’t very noticeable. What a wonderful gift.

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