Running T-shirt Quilt – Finished!

The family has been down with a bug {one…after another…after another…man it’s a good thing there’s only four of us} so it appears that I’ll catch up on blog posts slightly after never. But here’s to trying!

This piece of running awesomeness is a Half Fanatic order from – you guessed it! – Texas. Since she sent six Cowtown shirts, I started the puzzle design by grouping them together in the middle. The rest of the puzzle took a little longer, but it’s always such a thrill when I get it together.

Sidenote: the bright orange is from 2014, and quite of few of my ’14 race shirts are also BRIGHT NEON. I’m not sure I love the trend…they refuse to blend well in a quilt. When will the race directors think of the quilt designers?? đŸ˜‰

She wanted her Half Fanatics number embroidered on it.

OKCMM! My old {almost} hometown race!

I quilted it in a light grey thread, with loops and stars. Because the stars at night…something something something…deep in the heart of Texas!

The backing is black/grey crosshatch sketch flannel, because I’ve fallen in love with this sketch design and I will use it everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Be warned, people. The binding is a black and white dotty stripe that I also used in the quilt to fill in the design.



8 thoughts on “Running T-shirt Quilt – Finished!”

Lisa Martinez

I LOVE THIS ONE!!! I can not wait to get mine made in May!!!!!!

Nini Frank

That backing is fun….I’d use it everywhere too, if I had some!! In that case, my wallet is happy I haven’t found it yet.


Nice job on this – love the quilting motif, and yep – that sketch flannel is just perfect!


You mastered that puzzle really well, it looks great. It’s even owner approved. Congrats on the almost finish. Hope everyone stays healthy through the holiday.

Denise Wright

I’m the owner of the quilt! And it’s owner approved! Love, love, love my quilt! Shipping my shirts from Texas to Washington state, to someone I didn’t know and only found on the web…was scary and I put a lot of trust in her. She did not disappoint. And exceeded my expectations! Her attention to detail and the love she put into it shows! Great job Kate and thanks! You have a repeat customer out of me!


You are becoming the t-shirt quilt queen. Another fabulour finish. I like the stars with the loops for the FMQ.


A job well done! Hope the owner approved!


Love it! Way more interesting than the boring grid one I’m finishing tomorrow.

What’s up with the neon trend? How rude that they don’t consider the plight of quilters. Love that back (hey, it’s Backed in Black!). Can’t wait to see more of it. Bring it!

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