Rainbow Churn Dash – A Finished Quilt


This, my friends, is it. The only quilt I will finish this year that’s for me. And it is a doozy – big, bright, beautiful, and full of my favorite fabrics.

I like scrap quilts that incorporate lots of fabrics, like Skorca and Make It Do – but there’s just something awesome about a single block where I can point to my favorites, over and over.

{That brown in the bottom left? Scraps from my epic Swoon quilt. The block next to it – the fantastic morning glories of my eighth grade graduation dress. The green sunflowers on the left is the first fabric I bought after my marriage to make a bed quilt. {And didn’t. You’re welcome, husband.} The green right above it is the border from the quilt I made for the Little Man’s foster family.}

{Unfortunately, the wind really didn’t want to cooperate with the photo session.}

This quilt was made during the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2014 – four blocks a month of the chosen color {minus black} and an additional eight blocks to bring it up to a 7×8 layout.

I debated the sashing for a while, and ended up with a “dancing sashing” from Quiltville. I love it – adds just the right amount of movement, and the Priory Square fabric blends perfectly.

{That blue is my oldest fabric – I believe my mother made us dresses from it when I was in sixth grade or so. The pink plain is my backing from Bad Romance, my first quilt-along. The red – the only actually scrappy block – is some of the very last scraps I have of my adored Punctuation.}

The quilting is a very lazy clamshell – I planned to go back and add the second layer to make it an orange peel, but let’s just say, without rulers, that looks terrible. I went back at home and added nearly invisible stitch-in-the-ditch along the sashing to stabilize it.

I realized that I rarely quilt anything big at home anymore, so CC does not have the joy of being completely in the way. Poor baby.

The wind was nice enough to give me a backing shot! It’s a vintage sheet I bought in Oklahoma. Perfect size. It’s never going to match anything, really, so I decided to just go for it.

And then the wind said, “Nope! We’re done here!”

{That aqua is the focal fabric in my unfinished Celtic Solstice. The red to its right is a fabric both the Dude and I picked in an Oklahoma shop hop. The rainbow chevron is a scrap from a dear friend – the green below it is leftover from the quilt I made her daughter.}

And I, of course, don’t have a bedroom worth staging in. Sigh.

{The top blue is from the border of the Punctuation quilt. The stripe below it is from one of my very first sewing projects, a horribly executed purse. The red is a Sandy Gervais Valentine’s line.}

I bound it in the same Priory Square as the sashing – I considered something bolder, but in the end, soft won out. It looks amazing against the backing. I wonder if fabric designers ever look around for projects using their lines, and nod to themselves at the perfection. Because this quilt is perfection.


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5 thoughts on “Rainbow Churn Dash – A Finished Quilt”

Paula B Quilts

What wonderful memories! It is your treasure chest of precious ones. Enjoy it always!


Beautiful quilt, it’s soft and colorful at the same time. It’s fun to look at those scrappy quilts and remember where all the fabrics come from. Congrats on the finish.

Jasmine Creates

I really like this one. The dancing sashing was perfect!


oh I like! One of my favorite blocks and I love it scrappy like this!

Lynette Caulkins

This is fabulous, Kate! I love the scraps’ stories. That sheet goes very nicely with this quilt, and the binding choice really was perfect. 🙂

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