Rachel Runs – A T-Shirt Quilt


Ahhhh. So I sat down to write this post this morning, and discovered…I screwed up my hosting. And my entire website was GONE. After a very tense and expensive lesson, all I have to say it – local backup, kids. Every week.

Anyway, ahem. Before I basically failed at being an adult, I finished a t-shirt quilt!

And it’s a pretty one! Full of California races, and a couple of my bucket list ones. {Grand Canyon? Um, yes! Rachel was busy doing the Yellowstone race while I was working on it, and she’s thinking about the Alaska one, so there was a lot of race chatting between us.}

Disney race shirt? Check. Hidden Mickey? Check!

She’s a Half Fanatic, so that got in there.

And that Heavenly Half shirt? Gorgeous. I didn’t want to cut it! The whole shirt was trees and branches and it was a shame I had to narrow it down to a mere 18″ of shirt. Yeah, I get attached to other people’s race shirts.

The backing is blue flannel, and the quilting is a boxy meander.

Shockingly {not} I used a blue crosshatch on the binding.

68″ square

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6 thoughts on “Rachel Runs – A T-Shirt Quilt”


Beautifully done!

I’m curious. My experience with t-shirt quilts is that due to the interfacing and the thickness of the shirts, the quilts are pretty warm even with a cotton backing. Doesn’t the flannel backing make them just too warm, as well as heavy when the quilt is washed?

Rachel Ross

Believe it or not, folks, it looks even more gorgeous in person!!

Lynette Caulkins

No kidding! Those are some fabulous t-shirts, and they made a gorgeous quilt. You rock these, Katie.

Jasmine Creates

Love the puzzle effect of the t-shirts. You did great getting so many to fit. And the boxy meander was a great touch.


Nicely done!

Emilee Hope Turner

Looks great!

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