Quarter Two Goals


Whew, one Finish Along quarter down already! And it was quite an eventful one – some not in a good way. I was sick for most of January, hacked in February, and in March we found out we’re moving to Oklahoma this summer…and my husband will be deployed right up to the move date. So that won’t be stressful AT ALL. But, on the flipside, I did get a lot done sewing-wise, after I recovered from every virus known to humankind.

My plan this year is to have a plan – I sit down every week and figure out what I need to work on, what I’m going to blog, what I’m going to quilt, and what I want to do with my “fun sewing time.” And surprisingly, it’s working! Everything in green was a finish or a move to a new category. Projects added are in red – only two, but starting a few new things was part of my plan. All from stash and all ready to be quilted!

I also worked on several of the “other” projects – the wedding quilt, for example, is trimmed up and ready for finishing. The Ohio Star was started but nearly immediately put back in the box – I’m pretty sure the cutting instructions are wrong. Sigh. Main Street moved as far as I could with the fabrics I had.  I’m almost done cutting scraps for 4².

And now for Quarter Two – this is where planning has to matter. I have until mid-June to clear out the t-shirt quilts before I lose my free babysitting school for the longarm rental. Also, I have a few personal projects earmarked for finishing – the wedding quilt being the main one. I want to finish the Dog Sled flimsy before Mother’s Day so I can use the scraps for no reason whatsoever, mothers who are reading my blog.

Cracker is going to be my OMG goal for April – it would be nice to finish something within a month of starting it. I already have the backing, so it’s just a matter of getting it to the longarm. Maybe I’ll even go once with nothing but personal projects!

I need to make the Double Four Patch for a tutorial in July. {The tutorial is actually for a border, but I don’t have a quilt that fits the border design!} I’m making the Bear Paw as a goodbye gift to my best friend here. {Sob.} They’re both started and I’m slowly chipping away a few blocks a day on each, in between cutting out t-shirt quilts.

I know some of this might only make it to quilting by the end of June, leaving a pile of binding in Quarter Three. Which is fine, since I’ll have some other things going on at the same time. Like, do you think I can have my sewing room packed last? {Or if I’m smart – I’ll have a huge stack of table runners and minis to hand bind in July-August!}

And in unrelated news – CC is still a brat.

7 thoughts on “Quarter Two Goals”


Having a plan sounds like a great idea! Maybe I should try that approach to all aspects of my life!? I can’t wait to see some of these come together!


I love the whiteboard for a good plan. And if you don’t like the plan…there’s always the eraser. Lots to keep you busy, for sure.


oh gosh. Busy busy and another move! I wish you the best in finding whatever sewing/finishing time you can!


I’m working on a signature quilt – cracker could be a good pattern for that! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts and good luck on your project.


It’s amazing how having a plan tends to focus your efforts. You’ll have a very full summer. Good luck with all your plans quilting and moving related.

Inch by Inch Quilting

Love the fabrics in Cracker, it’s going to be so lovely quilted, looking forward to seeing how you quilt it.


That’s quite a list! I can’t wait to see what you finish. Glad you are feeling better. Just have fun! (Sewing helps me NOT stress.) Have a safe move! Thanks for participating in the FAL.

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