Pixelated Heart – a Finished Quilt!


This is a finish that only came about because I had nothing else to take with me to the longarm place, and I had a t-shirt quilt that had to get done. Since that never takes the entirety of my two hour rental, I needed something that I could toss on afterward – and there was the good old Pixelated Heart quilt, pieced together ages ago. {So long ago that I can’t find it on the blog.} I even bought backing and binding recently, so there was no reason to leave this hanging. {Literally, in my closet.}

Pixelated Heart Quilt by KatieMaeQuilts

And then I found myself without a finish scheduled for this Friday – and that’s just a travesty! So I made a little time last weekend to finally bind it and declare it finished. And there you have it. A pixelated heart made from a charm pack and a few added scraps. All Sandy Gervais Valentine’s lines. I want to say the main one was Candy Kisses, but that doesn’t appear to have brown? Just assume it’s from one of her lines before about 2012, when I {mostly} stopped buying charm packs.

Pixelated Heart Quilt by KatieMaeQuilts

We have a friend looking at houses for us in Oklahoma, and I’m so tempted to add “suitable place to take quilt pictures” to the list of things we need. Because that’s normal, especially when it’s someone else doing the looking, right?

Pixelated Heart Quilt by KatieMaeQuilts

The quilting in the heart is my absolute favorite – freehand, organic orange peel. I didn’t mark it, I just swoosh from corner to corner. Sometimes lines double cross. Sometimes the swoosh is rather flat, sometimes it’s rather fat! I don’t care – I really enjoy doing it this way. And I’m rather proud that I did it in a continuous line, considering the heart isn’t just a straight set of blocks.

I did a simple loop across the cream squares, to differentiate them from the heart.

Pixelated Heart Quilt by KatieMaeQuilts

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Pixelated Heart Quilt by KatieMaeQuilts

The binding is Sandy Gervais Flirtations, which is so old that it doesn’t even show up on the Moda website. Same with the backing – Hearts Aflutter. Luckily someone was selling just enough of both at the local quilt guild’s yard sale, so…serendipity!

{And yes, I know. I do fill out the labels eventually! At least it’s ON!}

Pixelated Heart Quilt by KatieMaeQuilts

41″ square

Tutorial – Blue Elephant Stitches

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5 thoughts on “Pixelated Heart – a Finished Quilt!”


Gotta love a pixelated heart! It’s adorable!

Gemini Jen NZ

Great tip about how to do the orange peel quilting! I’ve only tried it once and marked out circles – how I wish I’d thought of your technique..so much easier! I love your heart quilt, looks lovely.


Very sweet! One more off the UFO list! Congrats!


This turned out pretty darling!


very cute, I love it

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