Pink Flying Geese – a Finished Mini

Well, I’ve had quite the week. Shortly after I posted my finish last week, my website was hacked {along with about 1.5 million others!} and I spent the weekend desperately trying to recover from that {with the help of a very patient friend, because I know nothing about coding.} Even now, I’m removing backdoor scripts and cautiously deciding which plug-ins to enable again. {Spam check is back on, because spammers know exactly when you’ve let your guard down.}

So I apologize if I tried to sell you some Canadian drugs last week. I certainly hope it won’t happen again. And it really cut into my sewing time! I had sat down to bind two quilts last Friday afternoon when my mom told me I was hacked, and only one is nearly finished now. So instead of mini-Monday last Monday, I’m playing catch-up.

And so, the finish! It’s for the pink mini swap on Instagram – my first swap in a very long time. My partner said she likes flying geese, ombre, and non-traditional colored backgrounds. Check, check, and check! I’ve had this design pinned for a long time, and jumped at the chance to use it. I have a huge amount of pink scraps, and I think I sorted through about thirty different ones to get the proper ombre effect – and even then, I had to borrow one from my neighbor.

A quick non-tutorial on doing one like mine, with four blocks containing one geese in each fabric.

Mine is made with traditional flying geese, cut the traditional way {I normally do them like “speed piecing method B,” but in this case, the backgrounds wouldn’t end up on the correct sides.}

You need six 3-3/4″ squares, cut twice on the diagonal, and twenty-four 2-1/8″ background blocks, cut once on the diagonal. If you’re using two different backgrounds, it’s twelve of each. You’ll end up with 1-3/4×3″ geese {1-1/4×2-1/2″ finished}. Eight background pieces of 8×3″ unfinished – or four of each.

It makes a 15.5″ unfinished block, which is the perfect size for a mini!

I used Hawthorne Threads’ in-house arrows collection for the grey background, and an unknown aqua. {I ordered a scrap pack from HT, so the aqua was just shy of the amount needed to have a readable selvage. And the clever scrap-pack-packers made sure to get several of the in-house designs in there, which was great because I wanted to feel their base fabric.}

The pinks were: Lizzy House butterflies, Sandy Gervais leftover charm, unknown polka dots, Lizzy House pearl bracelets, Heather Ross Mendocino, unknown chevron

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12 thoughts on “Pink Flying Geese – a Finished Mini”


I wondered what had happened to your blog, it didn’t display right on Feedly. What a nightmare! Love the mini! Very colorful and subtle at the same time. Congrats on a very pretty finish.

Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge

Though they’ve been known to drive me a bit batty in the construction phase, I love the crispness of flying geese, especially with a little extra negative space. I love what you did with the quilting, the way they cross and create the gridwork in the centre. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

Heulwen Price

That’s a great finish! Love the ombre pinks and the controlled background piecing. The hack sounds horrid, what is it with some people that have to destroy the creations of others?


Beautiful mini which is bound to be a hit! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday


It’s lovely; your swap partner is very lucky!

Diann Bottrell

That is a beautiful mini! I love the ombre effect, and the way you quilted it!


I do love a good flying geese block! Love all the pink! Hacking troubles, I’m so sorry you had that to deal with!

Heide Dronchi

Pretty finish.


Sweet mini! So sorry you got hacked. I think I’ll go back up my blog just for good measure…


You nailed this one! Beautiful! And I like the way you quilted it. Time to tighten up my blog security.


The mini looks awesome! I love the ombré geese. Sorry to hear about the hackers.

Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter

What a gorgeous mini! Love the gradations.

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