Perseverance – a Finished Quilt


Time for another t-shirt quilt! This month’s is named┬áPerseverance, for the middle t-shirt.

Erika – MCM Mama – earned that one by running five half marathons in five days – the Riverboat Half Marathon series.

She’s a fellow Half Fanatic, but obviously way crazier than me. I’m still contemplating a double half marathon weekend – five days in a row is not at all on my radar. {You can spot her HF number in the lower left sashing.}

My mom tried to walk me through the math of the middle piece, but she was multipling things by square roots until I said I would just make a paper mock up. It worked out perfectly with the size I wanted the center shirt and fitting within the square.

And – bonus – I’ve wanted to make this design since I saw it on Pinterest, but no one had offered me thirteen shirts before!

The cornerstones, backing, and binding are all Art Gallery solid – spruce. The center focal fabric is also Art Gallery Essentials in Ocean, and the sashing is a crosshatch from Timeless Treasures.

I believe these are all 2014 races. And y’all thought I was crazy with seven!

And then, after quilting it with a loose stipple, I washed it…and discovered that the shirt was so much more than five races. It was seven rounds in the washer with color catchers and every stain remover I had. Eventually I cried uncle and worked out a new solution.

I ended up cutting out the back section that had color bleed and hand-stitching in a new panel. I also took out the shirt and washed it in hot water and a million color catchers until I was sure that it was done bleeding. Then it was a quick requilting and it was ready to go…again!

70″ square

And oh so deserving of her name.

5 thoughts on “Perseverance – a Finished Quilt”

MCM Mama

Thank you so much for your hard work on my quilt. I love it to so much!


Beautifully done! Looks like this one was a challenge after it was finished rather than before!


Wow. Five races in a row?! My legs hurt just thinking about that. I love how this came out though!!! That layout is amazing!

Jennie Pofahl Tracy

Seriously, you deserve a medal for this one. The mock-up and the math and bleeding tie-dye is a whole lot to deal with for one quilt.

Um, these Art Gallery solids are pretty gorgeous. How do they feel? I’m an AG virgin, I think. Don’t recall ever buying any.

Jasmine Creates

Love the layout. And so glad you solved the bleeding reds dilemma.

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