Make It Do – a Finished Quilt!


This finish came a bit randomly – as the name of the quilt inadvertently implies. 

A little background: I rent my longarm time, and I have to rent at least two hours at a time. Most of the time, I can do two quilts in that time. This week, I was all set to do two t-shirt quilts, but there was a slight snafu with one of them. So, Tuesday night, I was faced with “wasting” an hour of quilting, or…

…I grabbed the Make It Do top, a backing that was for a different quilt, pulled together four slices of batting scraps, and voila – a finish!

I actually finished off the t-shirt quilt faster than I thought, so as I loaded up Make It Do, I decided I had plenty of time to practice a panto. I rarely do them because they take a bit longer, but even I get tired of the ever faithful loops sometimes, and this one looked like a good practice of the feathering motion. {It’s Antique Lace by Urban Elementz.}

It looks awesome on the backing, a plain yellow minky.

What a surprise – haven’t filled out or stitched down the label yet! The binding is almost scrappy – it’s two different stripe fabrics that look like they’re from the same line. I had small chunks of both of them, but luckily just enough to bind!

The fabrics are a scrappy rainbow, obviously, and the border is Chez Moi. The background fabric is a subtle dot that I also used in my Fat Quarter Quilt Along.

It does brighten up a dreary landscape! {I think we’re on day #80 without significant sunshine. And we’re not even on the Seattle side of the state!}

46″ square

pattern: Make It Do / Porch Swing Quilts

And – gulp – I talked to a new children’s boutique in a nearby town, and it will be for sale there. In public. And if it sells, the owner is willing to sell more of my quilts.

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11 thoughts on “Make It Do – a Finished Quilt!”


Ohhh… Best of luck with the boutique! That’s exciting! (And this is lovely!)


What a fun finish! Love all those bright colors. Hope the quilt sells quickly.


And Seattle has had a lot of sunshine (and rain!) lately. What the heck?

Love your MID finish. And *gulp* – selling finished quilts? Sister, you’re in a whole ‘nother league now. I bow to your awesomeness!


I love your use of color (and minky) on this quilt. Congrats on the finish.


How Wonderful that you have the opportunity to sell your quilt in the children’s store. It’s really colourful and I pretty I’m sure it will sell. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF.


So pretty! That panto work makes me think I should commission another quilt before I move across an ocean. (Batiks this time, though!)


gorgeous quilt. love the colours and that border is just so pretty :))

Karen @runsewfun

I’m so glad I found your post. Your quilt is lovely. Using a panto is something I never think of. This looks fantastic. Also, taking the plunge to sell a quilt…good for you. And good luck!


Good for you, taking the plunge to sell a quilt. I am positive it will sell fast as it is so unusual and so eye-catching. I just love it and you’ve given me an idea to make something similar, using up the stash (like that will ever happen in my lifetime…) Good luck!


oh I love this quilt too! Serendipity eh? Very cool.

Sandra B

Love this quilt! Scrappy ones are my favorites….and striped fabric bindings are my favorites as well….and it’s even scrappy stripes!! Better still! Thanks for sharing!

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