Dog Sled Leftovers – Some Finished Things!


LOL, how’s that for a vague title? It’s actually a table runner for my mother and two pillow covers for my mother-in-law, made from the leftovers of the Dog Sled quilt. Which I did manage to finish first, since it turned out it just needed one final border.

Not quilted yet – I don’t even have a backing yet. Clearly I’m not in a rush to get my own stuff quilted before the end of the school year. I’ll have my own longarm soon enough! {If I keep telling my husband that, eventually it will be true, right?}

So for my mom, I used four leftover strips, width of fabric, and just stitched them together for a long table runner. It’s about 12×42″.

For my mother-in-law, I used the last two pieces of “full” dog sleds and a modified courthouse step block to even out the size. Ended up with two 16″ pillow covers.

And when I went to take pictures, CC…wanted nothing to do with the dogs. Prima donna cat. {And yes, there are toys everywhere. The Dude built an epic train track that traverses two rooms. I just step over it.}

So that leaves me with just bits and pieces of this kit to absorb into the scrap bins. Look at that – leftovers used up before even the official finish! It’s like I’m becoming organized. {Hahahahaha!}

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6 thoughts on “Dog Sled Leftovers – Some Finished Things!”


Your projects are pretty cool! 🙂 How sweet to make such lovely gifts for your “two moms”! I love using up my scraps, too! I was surprised to get one baby quilt and a lap size quilt from the leftovers of my Simple Scrappy Sampler!


Congrats on getting all the leftovers into other projects. Both are very cool, but my favorite is that table runner. I remember the days of “epic” doll houses that took over the living room. Now all I find spread all over the house is homework!


Nice finishes! I always leave my stuff till the end too… I need to work on that.

Cynthia Brunz

Great way to use up those leftovers and have some lovely gifts. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!


nice finishes, I love using up scraps, makes me feel so accomplished.


Hi Katie Mae,
I love these dog sled finishes. That just serves to remind me that I have a couple of these kits that I picked up on an Alaskan cruise several years ago . . . and they are definitely not finished. Geez. I guess I’d better dig them out. You have inspired me. ~smile~

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