Daisy Chain – a Finished Quilt!


Hey – it’s not a t-shirt quilt! So do you want to play “guess how long this was in progress”?

I believe I bought the fabrics for it the summer my husband was deployed – so 2012. I know it was from Mary Jo’s while visiting my mother-in-law, and I know my own mother saw them soon after and declared she hated them. Even though I bought them because they reminded me of a bathing suit she had in the seventies.

I made most of the block parts in 2014, then it sat around for another 18 months before I slowly assembled it last spring. The pattern is Gypsy Girl by Anka’s Treasures – although a different border, obviously. I decided after finally assembling the whole thing that I wanted it to float in the background.

Quilted it right before summer, with tight swirls on the blocks, and this…loopy…thing… on the outside border. I had actually meant to switch directions when I got to the corners, but I forgot and, well, now it looks like this.

Love the backing – a retro floral to fit with the 70s vibe I got from the front. And I debated binding it in the light grey to continue the float, but I found a mustard yellow blender at my LQS’s sidewalk sale, so… Now it has a frame, and I think I prefer it framed.

My husband got me daisies because he knew I needed a photo prop. Or he’s nice.

The binding definitely looks better against the back than the light grey would! And yes, I haven’t filled out the label. I’m not positive I want to call it Daisy Chain, so I haven’t committed it to ink yet.


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10 thoughts on “Daisy Chain – a Finished Quilt!”


So lovely quilt!


It looks fab! Great to get these quilts done. Congratulations on the finish and thank you for participating in the 2016FAL, on behalf of all the hosts!


I love how the blocks float with the soft frame/binding. Congrats on the finish.


yay for the finish – I love it spanned a good long time and is now done! Fun backing and binding choice! I’ll post on our FAL fb page!


What a fantastic finish! Love you fabrics.

Gemini Jen NZ

Very very pretty – you made a good choice of your fabrics. Well done!


This is so pretty! I agree that the dusty yellow binding is just the right touch 🙂

Leanne Parsons

It looks beautiful floating on the background, with the frame around it. The daisies from your husband are a lovely touch 🙂 Thanks for linking to TGIFF this week 🙂


Congrats on a beautiful finish. I really like the backing fabric, you definitely nailed the 70s vibe!


This is absolutely gorgeous! I just love all of those fabrics and the red is just fantastic.

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