BOMs Away – Jack’s Chain Green


I am definitely going to have to agree with Pantone here – green is a great color.

I quite enjoyed pulling out my green scrap bin and making these up. In fact, while it was out, I pulled a few more greens for a Greenery project. There’s a Greenery quilt challenge due at the end of the month, and I know I’ll only qualify for the top. {If that!} But it’s worth a try, right? Especially if I get to look at all my fantastic greens again.

Anyone else doing a scrappy or regular block of the month? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

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BOMs Away – Jack’s Chain Multicolor


This is a new one for me! Every year, the Rainbow Scrap Challenge does the “regular” colors. Usually I add in a couple stripes or dots that don’t fit into one color category during the black or brown month, since black/brown just isn’t rainbow to me. But this year, the multicolors get their own official month! Woohoo!

I zoomed through my Jack’s Chain blocks – backing from Lori’s Forty and Quilts for Pulse. And that one on the far left is one of the first fabrics I ever bought, but I never use because it’s too multi-colored. I need to give it a rainbow quilt to live in!

Then, since I had the scrap boxes out, I made a couple blocks for my Main Street Rainbow. I pieced together all the blocks I could earlier this year, but came to a standstill when I ran out of both the grey and colored blocks. Apparently my original plan was much smaller… I need another twelve or so colored blocks to finish it, and I need to calculate yardage for my sister to pick up some more of the grey. Luckily she has a nearby shop that carries every shade of Dimples, because I don’t even remotely remember what colors I was using. {Whhhhhhhhhy do I not write these things down?}

So that was a satisfying BOM day for me! How about everyone else? You can link up here or at What a Hoot!

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BOMs Away! – Jack’s Chain Red


Well, this was a delightful little set! After the, um, longevity of the Eternal Bloom two weeks ago, I wasn’t ready to tackle another one of those, so when red was announced as the Rainbow Scrap color of the month, I dove right into my bin.

{Jack’s Chain}

I don’t actually use my “normal” reds very often – anything with flowers or girly that is less used in Quilts of Valor. {I do still use subtle florals in them. Sorry, fellas.} And Barb at Cat Patches just posted about using her red scraps, one of which just happens to be one of my favorite fabrics! So I grabbed it, and a couple friends, and a random leftover charm. And there we go, four happy little nine patches. Nice and easy.

And now, if I’m smart, I’ll get started on Eternal Bloom early…

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WiP – February

Ah, finally February – no one was sick! There was a few more snow days than I would have liked, but we mostly survived them. And I got back into the routine of sewing, which led to lots actually getting done for once.

Like my brother-in-law’s Army uniform quilt – a Christmas present finally received!

And my pink flying geese swap mini!

And my own table runner, finished before Valentine’s Day! {Give or take five years.}

I also finished another t-shirt quilt – I’m waiting for my friend to receive it before I post about it.

Made three sets of BOMs Away – two Tic Tac Toe blocks for an Instagram friend and four Jack’s Chain blocks.

And the second Eternal Bloom block, which was…not the easiest. But done!

I pulled out a mini-project, which turned out to not be quite that mini. It’s the leftover pieces from Shivaun Place – the pattern contained a mini pattern for the half- and quarter-square triangle cutoffs. I changed it a bit to echo the design of the quilt, and it ended up about 30″ square. It was supposed to be a pillow for my sister-in-law…I suppose everyone needs a giant pillow? Anyway, finishing it is my OMG goal for March.

In addition to the other t-shirt quilt, I made three more t-shirt quilt tops, and I’m working on piecing the back for one of them. She asked for her Half Fanatics number as the backing – those letters are 20″ high! Should be an awesome back.

And I pieced a random little top! I dragged the Little Man around the quilt show last October, so he got a reward at the end – these pilot bears panel and a fat quarter. I was going to fold them up and put them in a box while cleaning, but…I had some time, so I threw the top together. So it’s a little closer to being an actual quilt!

And for my leader/ender, I worked hard on getting this QOV nearer to being an actual quilt. I’m down to the last four patches to get it all together – whew! I feel like I’ve been making four patches foreeeeeeever.

So that’s February! I’ve got a good bit of stuff to quilt in March, so hopefully the snow tapers off so I can get to the rental place more often. Seriously, now – it’s currently snowing and I’m scheduled for Wednesday…

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BOMs Away – Jack’s Chain – Aqua


A little switch up this month – Jack’s Chain is my first BOM this time. An Instagram friend asked for aqua/grey Tic Tac Toe blocks to complete a bee quilt, and since I knew aqua was the RSC color of the month, I made both sets while the scrap bin was out.

Pretty simple set of lovelies! And now her blocks are ready to mail, and Jack’s Chain is tucked into the box to await the next color!

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WiP – January


January was pretty much a vast wasteland of upper respiratory infections here. I suffered through a two week cold, had a whole week of healthiness, then the young petri dish brought home a fresh version and we all went down again with the crud…one by one…

I spent the last weekend disinfecting every inch of the house and spraying disinfectant in the face of anyone who coughed. {Okay, not that dramatic…but I did tell both kids not to touch anyone at school.} So my sewing was limited to a few blocks and adding the binding to stuff that was already close to done.

Like Flying Four – it was quilted back in June, so finishing it was pretty easy.

And my FMQ Sampler – just needed binding for over a year. It’s a good thing I keep these things around, huh?

The other major thing I managed to do was finish the Army Medallion and quilt it. Which taxed all my energy for two days, so I haven’t tackled tying off all the loose threads…or even unpinning it from the longarm zippers. Which is my OMG goal for February, because this was a Christmas present.

Oh! I did manage to put this together during my brief healthy period. Everything was cut out, so it just took 90 minutes to lay it out and stitch it together. Now I just need to get a backing and add it to the quilting queue!

I also pulled out my sister’s wedding signature quilt and started peeling the squares off the card stock. Shouldn’t be too hard to finish this one off, either.

Oh! And I finished my OMG goal! Added the last border, and even made the binding before putting it on the to-be-quilted pile. It needs a backing, too. It’ll be shopping time soon. When I feel like I can face the public without disinfectant wipes.

Other than that, it was a few blocks when I felt like sitting down at the machine. Purple nine patches for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge….

…the mini for a pink Instagram swap…

…and my first Eternal Bloom.

I’m really looking forward to feeling better now, and getting some more things done. Please, please, let this current round of health last!

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BOMs Away – Jack’s Chain – Purple


And now for my second BOMs Away of the month, and my second BOM quilt! As mentioned when I started cohosting, I did the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in 2013, 2014, and started one in 2015. The 2013 one is…getting closer to finished, the 2014 one is finished, and the 2015 one…I did three months of blocks and then quit.

Well, that gives me a good starting point for 2017, right? I’m already ahead of schedule!

The pattern is Jack’s Chain, which is traditionally done with Y-seams. Which…yeah, no. Luckily someone else said yeah, no, too – and wrote a pattern without them! I’m using the 6″ nine patches, because I typically have a lot of 2.5″ strips in my scrap bins.

The months that I’m “ahead” {blue, pink, and yellow} I plan on cutting the setting triangles, so that I’m ready to assemble at the end of the year.

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WiP – December


Well, I got alllllllmost everything I wanted to do, done, in December. Except, you know, the one major quilt that was a Christmas gift. {In my defense, I’m still waiting on a uniform to finish it. Everything else is done!}

Finishes – Abstract Watermelon and Cat minis / Daisy Chain / Squadron T-Shirt Quilt / W&L Undercover / Lordy Lordy Lori’s Forty

I never got around to writing a blog post, but I made this cute little pillow cover from leftover HSTs that have been hanging around, trimmed and pressed, since 2012. It took me an hour. So…perhaps I should not let the rest of them linger. It was a gift for my Modern Quilt Guild’s holiday exchange.

And I made some progress on some other projects, trying to at least advance a project by an entire step before putting it aside.

As mentioned, the uniform quilt is completely cut out, with even the final border pieced and ready to go, once I get the last uniform. CC approves.

I pulled out the Alaskan dog sled quilt, fixed the half dozen backwards blocks, and put it together. It still needs a border or two to finish it up, but it’s close!

And speaking of a border or two, I added the last two flying geese sides to Boardwalk, groaned when I realized it had yet another border, sucked it up, got more Kona White, and added the fourth one took a nap. So, yeah, that’s my OMG goal, rolling over from December.

Finally, I switched up my leader/ender project and pulled out my Rainbow Scrap Challenge from, um, 2013. But apparently the greys with pops of color are just what I need this season, and it’s rapidly coming together. So that’s nice. If I can keep it up.

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WiPs, Goals, and Whatnot


And now, a fresh start to the year. A brief period of time when I pretend that – REALLY – this is the year I’m going to bust through my UFOs and stash.

No, seriously.

I mean it this time.

Based on the last two yearly reviews, I manage to finish off 24-26 quilts a year. That’s approximately two per month. And I work better with deadlines and goals, so with all that in mind, I plan on…setting goals. And deadlines. And possibly even sticking to them! Instead of just listing everything I could possibly work on and only managing to sew two blocks for each project.

First, one t-shirt quilt for each month of the first quarter. {And, actually, I have a fourth one on the way. But two are for friends and less deadline-y than my clients.}

And then the pretty stuff! I finished the Quarter Square Triangle top last weekend, and I already have the backing. So…as soon as I have a t-shirt quilt ready to get longarmed, this baby is getting quilted up too! {Because of the required rental time, I can usually do two in one sitting.}

For the rest of my goals, I thought about digging around in my piles of UFOs to figure out what I really want to work on this quarter. And maybe buy some more project boxes to organize them. Orrrrrrrr… I could just do the ones in the project boxes, thereby freeing up the project boxes, and replace each one with something else as I go.

These include Daisy Chain, which needs sashing and setting; the log cabins from my Saturday Sampler 2011 {gulp} leftovers, which are partly built; and pillow shams for my MIL to match Ripples and Reflections.

Bonus points for finishing my Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013 – and not refilling this drawer. That’s right – NO new RSC until I finish 2013 and, um, 2015.

Further bonus points if I can find and quilt this top. Find being the operative word.

And finally, I’d like to make and donate one top to Quilts of Valor every quarter. My local chapter likes to have several people involved in each quilt, so making a top and passing it along to a longarmer counts as finished.

This one has been a leader/ender for a long time, and I’m finally sucking it up and trimming the HSTs. It will be laid out similar to Bonnie Hunter’s Jamestown Landing.

Weekly progress posts will resume next week now that I’m finally caught up.

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WiP – Finishes


I’ve been doing a lot of binding this week, and true to my contrary nature, this just makes me want to start a new project. So what if I have three near-finishes? I want to be piecing!

I managed to cure that – slightly – by piecing my Jack’s Chain nine patches for February and March. Seems like a good way to do these – two months at a time and only drag out the box once.

And I finished MY LAST TWO CHURN DASHES! That’s right, that’s all of them. RSC’14, complete! Well, once I sash ’em…and quilt ’em…and bind ’em…but hey – blocks are at least half the battle, right?

And onwards to the finishes and near-finishes. My #rainbowminiswap is quilted, bound, and ready for hand-stitching and cleanup.

Rainbow Chevron is bound and ready for hand-stitching and cleanup.

My t-shirt quilt has the back panel stitched back in, and by now, has been re-quilted and is ready for cleanup.

In other words, I need to be doing some cleanup work. However much I’d rather just start a new project.

Somewhere along the way, I finished off the top I started on the Quilts of Valor sew day. I screwed up the setting somehow – the white/red squares were supposed to run top left to bottom right. But it still works.

This is based off a pattern from McCall’s Quilting magazine, modified to fit the QOV requirements and the fact that I had a bunch of 2.5″ strips. It’s been handed off to my QOV coordinator and I probably won’t see it again until it’s presented to a veteran.

And the color palette for the week…isn’t the prettiest. But the theme is home, and this is the view from my backyard. Well, not exactly my backyard – I went to get a quick picture, and of course, it’s clouded over Mount Spokane. But normally, I can sit on my back porch and look at my mountains. And it’s the mountains I miss when we’re not living in Spokane.

Once my husband comes home from this deployment, it’s time for us to start making the “where next?” list, and there’s not a lot of mountains at the places he’s mentioned. So I intend to spend this summer in my backyard, soaking up all the mountain time I can get.

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