Dog Sled Leftovers – Some Finished Things!


LOL, how’s that for a vague title? It’s actually a table runner for my mother and two pillow covers for my mother-in-law, made from the leftovers of the Dog Sled quilt. Which I did manage to finish first, since it turned out it just needed one final border.

Not quilted yet – I don’t even have a backing yet. Clearly I’m not in a rush to get my own stuff quilted before the end of the school year. I’ll have my own longarm soon enough! {If I keep telling my husband that, eventually it will be true, right?}

So for my mom, I used four leftover strips, width of fabric, and just stitched them together for a long table runner. It’s about 12×42″.

For my mother-in-law, I used the last two pieces of “full” dog sleds and a modified courthouse step block to even out the size. Ended up with two 16″ pillow covers.

And when I went to take pictures, CC…wanted nothing to do with the dogs. Prima donna cat. {And yes, there are toys everywhere. The Dude built an epic train track that traverses two rooms. I just step over it.}

So that leaves me with just bits and pieces of this kit to absorb into the scrap bins. Look at that – leftovers used up before even the official finish! It’s like I’m becoming organized. {Hahahahaha!}

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WiP – December


Well, I got alllllllmost everything I wanted to do, done, in December. Except, you know, the one major quilt that was a Christmas gift. {In my defense, I’m still waiting on a uniform to finish it. Everything else is done!}

Finishes – Abstract Watermelon and Cat minis / Daisy Chain / Squadron T-Shirt Quilt / W&L Undercover / Lordy Lordy Lori’s Forty

I never got around to writing a blog post, but I made this cute little pillow cover from leftover HSTs that have been hanging around, trimmed and pressed, since 2012. It took me an hour. So…perhaps I should not let the rest of them linger. It was a gift for my Modern Quilt Guild’s holiday exchange.

And I made some progress on some other projects, trying to at least advance a project by an entire step before putting it aside.

As mentioned, the uniform quilt is completely cut out, with even the final border pieced and ready to go, once I get the last uniform. CC approves.

I pulled out the Alaskan dog sled quilt, fixed the half dozen backwards blocks, and put it together. It still needs a border or two to finish it up, but it’s close!

And speaking of a border or two, I added the last two flying geese sides to Boardwalk, groaned when I realized it had yet another border, sucked it up, got more Kona White, and added the fourth one took a nap. So, yeah, that’s my OMG goal, rolling over from December.

Finally, I switched up my leader/ender project and pulled out my Rainbow Scrap Challenge from, um, 2013. But apparently the greys with pops of color are just what I need this season, and it’s rapidly coming together. So that’s nice. If I can keep it up.

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WiP – August


Well, so much for getting things done over the summer. The Dude went back to school today {MIDDLE SCHOOL!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??} and the Little Man starts next week.

And honestly – though there wasn’t much sewing, there was a lot of racing {one triathlon, one triathlon relay, and one open water swim race just in August} and a lot of Pokemon family time. Okay, really, Pokemon. But when you’re spending time with your family at a park, does it really matter why?

But anyway, I did manage to finish off some things – which were pretty close to done already.

Eva’s Races

A unicorn pillow

And a t-shirt quilt for a fellow church friend

I pieced together this top in the first week of August….then let it sit until yesterday before putting on the borders. Sigh. But it’s dropped off at the LQS to go to Quilts of Valor, so that brings me to three for the year and right on track with my goal of one per quarter.

And in things not-finished – I started working on this kit from our Alaska trip last summer. It was a pretty easy make, once I got a hang of the direction of the half-rectangle triangles. The, um, empty spots would be the ones I didn’t get the hang of. Luckily it’s batiks, so I think I just need to flip a few things around to fix those spots.

And yes – the center strip of dogs are running in the “wrong” direction on purpose.

The only other thing that I worked on was the quilt for Pulse – blocks donated by my local Modern Quilt Guild. I’m adding low volume strips to bring them to a common size before layout.

This will be my OMG goal for September – which is totally cheating because it’s due to Orlando by mid-month, so I kind of have to finish it. But hey, the only other things I will get done this month will be two t-shirt quilts and Lori’s fortieth birthday quilt, because it has to be delivered at the HALF IRONMAN I’M DOING AT THE END OF THE MONTH.

So, um, I need to go on a bike ride now.

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