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So, this post contains a long story and one picture…so bear with me. It’s worth it!

Lynette at What A Hoot! has been hosting a BOMs Away! linky every Monday for, well, years, probably. And I’ve been participating for years, because I really enjoy Blocks of the Month, whether it’s a steady block every month {like Rainbow Churn Dash} or a complicated quilt broken down into monthly steps {like Ripples and Reflections.}

Okay, I lied about one picture. Because I like showing Ripples and Reflections off. Anyway, I finished this back in June 2015, and then I took 2016 off from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, so eventually I found myself missing the monthly block experience.

Then when one of my local quilt shops had their closing sale, I saw a basket of these block pieces and managed to count out all but one of blocks. I picked up an extra packet, figuring I could find the instructions on the internet somewhere…

…only to realize it was by Pam Bono. Which is cool – I pieced her cat into my bookshelf quilt, and I like her instructions. Only, she died under tragic circumstances a few years ago, and a lot of her stuff has simply…disappeared. So, yeah, if anyone happens to have a copy of Patriotism’s Eternal Bloom somewhere….!

Anyway… So I made a block, pulled at random, which happens to be block two.

And wow, is it ever gorgeous. I mean, I’m a sucker for a black background, but I really had no idea it was going to be THIS GOOD. The colors just pop off the background, and the piecing was easy even with teeny tiny pieces. I am so excited about this quilt now!

But wait – I can’t link it to BOMs Away, because Lyn has been dealing with extreme {awesome} sewing for her daughter’s wedding, and she hasn’t had time for BOM work or blog work since August. So, I tentatively reached out to see when she would be back…

…long story short, now I’m co-hosting BOMs Away with her. So, yay! She’s probably not going to be back until February, and I only have one other BOM project {RSC’17!}, so this will be every other week in January.

So feel free to link up any BOMs projects – weekly, biweekly, monthly, whatever!

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Great way to get these done! Sinta Borland of the Pink Pincushion blog used to host a similar thing years ago (BOM Rehab) and linking up helped me get a few BOM projects either done or under way. I hadn’t known about Pam Bono’s death — so sad — I have her “Pieces of Baltimore” book that I’d still love to make one day.


Beautiful block! I have a lot of Pam Bono’s books, but not that pattern. Congrats on the co-host thing. I don’t have anything to link up this week.


I can’t tell you how much I love this. Yes, it is totally different from my color scheme choices in general, but my Nana had hundreds of tulips growing on either side of her garage, and each spring, I loved seeing all those red and yellow flowers blooming. Tulips are my favorite flower, and they will always remind me of my Nana.

Soooo pretty.

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts

I really like dark backgrounds on quilts even though I rarely make them. The colors in your block really pop and look fabulous!


P. S. Your block is gorgeous!


Well, that’ll teach you to go poking your nose into somebody else’s blogging business. I’ve been wondering where she was.

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