BOMs Away – Eternal Bloom #4


I’m learning something about this project. I adore red on black.

Like this block? Wonderful, sweet blossoms. It probably helps that while almost every corner was stitch-and-flip, they were just tiny bits to cut off. And there were no right blocks and left blocks – just two sets of four exactly the same blocks.

See – I did not so much enjoy the purple or orange blocks. But both reds? Happy, vibrant blocks that make me smile.

Something else that makes me happy – one more and I’ll be halfway through the main blocks!

Are you getting closer to some finished blocks of the month? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

6 thoughts on “BOMs Away – Eternal Bloom #4”


These are lovely! I tried a quick google search to find the pattern and couldn’t; do you know if it’s for sale anywhere or if it was just part of the BOM?


I love these blocks! They are going to make a fabulous quilt.


I’m with you – love red on black! Thanks for this beautiful block on Midweek Makers!

Jenny Benton

Lovely blocks indeed.


Those are gorgeous! Black makes just about any color pop, it’s become one of my favorite background colors.


Gorgeous blocks!

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