BOMs Away – Eternal Bloom #3


It is a good thing I committed to this linky party thing, because I would not have gone back to Eternal Bloom after last month. At least not for a little while! But I had a commitment, so I dug through my pile and found the lowest numbered packet – number two. I don’t know if I’m missing number one, or if it’s the center block that I haven’t tackled yet. Something to worry about in a few months!

Anyway, so these lovely little tulips are done, and not quite as big of an ordeal as last month’s pansies. However… I’m aware that this is a stitch-and-flip project, and I don’t mind little bits off the edges here and there. This block, though, has way more than little bits to cut off.

This is the corner block in action. I pieced the entire block on the top left, just to slap two bigger-than-3″ black squares on the corners and slice off all that work. And then again on the bottom with the stem! And I would normally double-stitch the squares and save the extra HST, but look at those things on the bottom left! Even I can’t make that into a decent block!

These are all the cutoffs from this one 18″ block! Several of these could have planned way better – even things that could be plain old HSTs are done as stitch-and-flip. I need to do a better job reading the patterns and finding those…but really, that’s not why I buy patterns! {Don’t even get me started on the lack of pressing instructions!!}

Anyway, it’s done for another month, and maybe next month I’ll find the perfect combination of easy-to-piece and not-terribly-wasteful. I hope everyone else’s BOMs are going better!

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7 thoughts on “BOMs Away – Eternal Bloom #3”

Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter

Sorry you had problems with the pattern, but the end result sure is cute! Love the colors you chose.


That is a really pretty block! And if those small pieces are under 2″, I’d toss ’em! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers!

Lisa Marie

Looks like quite a job to make that block, but it is so so pretty!

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts

I sometimes find a better way to make a block than the way the pattern is written, usually because I’m purposefully looking for a shortcut! LOL I like the colors in your flowers, especially with that black background. Thanks for sharing on MCM!


Your block turned out beautifully! Love those yellow and orange tulips!

Vicki in MN

Your yellow blooms are just beautiful!!!

Lynette Caulkins

Oh, man – that is pretty wild. My Wind in the Whiskers pattern drives me wild, also, in terms of what you expect from a pattern. When I’ve spent that really humongous amount of money on it, I don’t expect to have to take literally hours of time to figure out how the heck it works and how the thing is organized. (Not talking about lack of experience or knowledge, but really poorly engineered pattern that clearly suffers from not-enough attention in the making and too much scrunching to save printing pieces.)

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