Sunday Stash Report – Week 6

I was very good this week. I went to Hobby Lobby to get fabric for the Steelers banner, and couldn’t find any in the correct shade of gold. Except in a fat quarter pack. But I didn’t need all the other fat quarters. So… I didn’t buy it! The banner worked just as well with just black and Steelers fabric.
So with a couple of finishes, I busted a decent amount this week with very little shopping. (Yes, the Steelers fabric was from my stash. I love my husband THAT MUCH.)
Used this Week: 7.5
Used Year to Date: 18.39
Added this Week: 0.25
Added Year to Date: 33.27
Net Used for 2011: (14.88) yards
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Go Team!

This may be my husband’s office.
The door may lead to his assistant’s office, who may be from Wisconsin.
Should be fun tomorrow, and even more fun on Monday.

A First

Apparently we need a tooth pillow!
The Dude spent the entire weekend telling his aunt that teeth don’t come out. He denied having any that even wiggled. He’s not the first in his K class to lose one, so I don’t get the denial.
He was eating an apple and didn’t even realize the tooth came out. His dad noticed when he hugged the Dude goodbye. By that time, the tooth was long gone – he denies swallowing it, but we can’t find it anywhere.
Mom “emailed” the Tooth Fairy so she’d know about the missing tooth, and he got a shiny $1 coin. Which he thinks is a large penny, since it has a 1 on it. *sigh*
I’m off to make a tooth robot!

Postage Stamp Quilt Along – Finished Top

It was rough, but I got it done in time for the contest!
 I named it “Bad Romance” in honor of Valentine’s Day.
Last week, I was sure it wouldn’t get done. At one point, three of the five of us were on antibiotics (me, the Dude and one of the cats.) 
And then the best thing to do when you can barely walk? Fly halfway across the country for your dad’s 60th birthday party. Totally worth it, and the Dude was awesomely helpful throughout the whole process. Makes me consider taking him on much longer flights.
The cat is less than helpful.
We barely made it home Monday night before the blizzard started, which was followed by two snow days, which makes sewing harder. 
(BTW, snow in Oklahoma is the weirdest thing. We had to check the radar to see if it was still snowing because it looked like the wind was just whipping snow off the roof. We have places with 2′ drifts and places you can see the grass.)
The leftover strips will make a great little runner for my coffee table.
I still need to decide on backing, though I’m pretty sure I’m using the teal flowers as the binding (second block, second row from right.)
And now I’m going to take a nap because that used up all my energy for the day.

Sunday Stash Report – Week 5

A quick stash report – due to the nasty illness and a flight to DC with the Dude, I didn’t have time to shop, or sew. I got the binding on Cinderella before I left, and a little package came from eBay.
 Yeah, the Objects of Desire honey bun and panel. I’m a little obsessed. I don’t want to talk about it.
Used this Week: 0.44
Used Year to Date: 10.89
Added this Week: 2.67
Added Year to Date: 33.02
Net Used for 2011: (22.13) yards
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I won’t have a design wall tomorrow, due to the nasty illness and the fact that I’m in DC and my design wall, not so much.

Sliced Coins Quilt Along – Slicing Up

I haven’t been able to devote as much time as I would have liked to cutting my coins for this quilt, due to illness. First the Dude came down with strep, on the weekend of course. The three hours we spent at urgent care exposed me to some sort of vague upper respiratory infection of sorts.
So there was no cutting, nor any sewing, for the past few days.
I managed to cut about thirty coins before the household became germ infested.

 I still need a decent amount more since I only went up to 6.5″ in the biggest coins. This is barely scratching the surface of my novelty prints, though, so I’m not too worried about catching up. Sadly.
I am worried about picking a solid. I think blue would be overdoing – a lot of the prints have blue. Definitely not white or a cream – he’s a little boy and little boys shouldn’t have to worry that much about keeping their blankies clean. Maybe a green? Or a dark yellow?

Postage Stamp Quilt Along – Step Two

Moving right along on the Postage Stamp Quilt Along. This is such an easy project, even when using yardage and fat quarters instead of a jelly roll.
 I sliced everything into 2.5″ strips and dropped them in two bags, then just pulled a strip and chain-sewed till I had my sets. It’s not a coincidence that the bags are from my LQS and DSW. 😉
The only “planning” I did was try not to have any repeats in rows that touched, and no more than two repeating fabrics per square.
When I started I tried to limit how many cream, green or teal made it in each block, because I was afraid that the quilt wouldn’t be pink enough. Yes, I actually thought that. Yeesh.
Now I’m off to put it all together!

Design Wall Monday – Week 4

The sailboat quilt is back up, now with background fabric so I can visualize what I still need.

Four is plenty on the waterline. I think I need at least two more in the water. Anyone have a favorite (simple!) sailboat block I haven’t made yet?
As pictured, the quilt is approximately 48×36, which is about the length I want. It will be wider when I add the lighthouse.

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Sunday Stash Report – Week 4

I’m working my way back toward black, slowly!
I bought and used 1.2 yards of the gray and burgundy for the Alpha Phi t-shirt quilt.
 Made this pillow cover from V and Co’s tutorial. I made it twice the size so I could cover an existing pillow, and used one of the fabrics leftover from my Postage Stamp Quilt.
 And I used my ruffler foot for the first time! I am so in love with this sucker – it took longer to put it on than it did to sew perfect gathers.
My other purchase was the Saturday Sampler at my LQS. The pattern is Wing and a Prayer’s Wildflower Rhapsody; the fabric is Timeless Treasures. I’m guesstimating the smaller pieces at 0.25 yard total.
Used this Week: 2.2
Used Year to Date: 10.45
Added this Week: 1.95
Added Year to Date: 30.35
Net Used for 2011: (19.9) yards
Just under 20 yards net! Check out everyone else at Patchwork Times

T-Shirt Quilt – Top Finished

Easy peasy! 
As long as you use lightweight non-woven interfacing, that is.
I considered skipping that step (because I love skipping steps, especially those that cost $$), but it was totally worth it. No stretching or curling or any of the other annoying things jersey knit does.
I went with the cornerstones and I think it looks great! Plus I only needed a yard of the gray instead of 1.75 yards.
 Tycho “helps” line up the seams.
I wish I could count the t-shirts in my stash busting – three 14.5″ squares in each WOF busts over 2 yards. But I think that would be cheating.