Circling Airplanes

 One of my first quilts – airplanes made of Air Force fabric, circling in a dusky blue sky.
The back was a flannel with a denim print.
Close up of the airplane block
Size: 36×36″
Finished March 2009

T-Rex Costume – McCalls 2335

This year, the Dude wanted to be a T-Rex for Halloween, so we picked the McCalls dragon pattern during a 99-cent sale and made some modifications.
The Dude went overboard in picking his own fabrics. Pretty sure any T-Rex that looked like this would not have actually caught any food. 
Changes we made to the pattern:
*Merged the 4-fingers gloves into 2-fingers. Because everyone knows T-Rexs have only two claws.
*Did not make the gloves all puffy as indicated. He wasn’t going to wear them long anyway.
*Used batting instead of fiberfill in the belly and spikes. They stood up nicely.
*Put the zipper on the back instead of the front. I machine-basted the spikes to the bodysuit, and followed that seam when putting the zipper on.
*Made the back of the belly muslin and hand-basted it onto the front, since we weren’t confined to velcro due to the zipper.
*Very importantly – the instructions said to stuff the tail before sewing it to the body suit. Yeah, no. I left a hole in the back of the tail so I wasn’t fighting a stuffed tail on the sewing machine. It was bad enough using poly-satin.

I think it turned out well, and he loved the tail.

Happy Halloween!

I used to be Kinda Crafty, but I decided to go with a more professional look now that I’m going to start (*gulp*) selling at craft shows. The first one is in two weeks, so it was time to take the plunge and get this running. 
The next few weeks are going to be repeats of finished/in progress quilts and projects, plus some new things. (Like the Moose on the Porch quilt-along. And a Charlie Brown Halloween table runner. And a twist on the pillowcase dress, if it works.)
So, welcome to the new Katie Mae Quilts. You can follow me here in Blogger, on Twitter as “katiemaequilts” and on Flikr as “bryan_kate”. And I hope you do!