Berrylicious Dinos – A Finished Quilt!


It is interesting that this first quilt of 2016 is a study in contradictions.

It is for me – and yet, I never use deep berry toned fabrics, and nor do I like dinosaurs. The original fat quarter bundle was curated by Charming Lulu, a local /online fabric shop, mostly of Manor House fabric. I added in a slice from Tula Pink’s Elizabeth, a fat quarter of Cotton+Steel butterflies, then plenty of bits and pieces from my extensive Pat Bravo stash. The borders are Lizzy House’s Natural History.

The blocks were “built” as leaders and enders as I pieced together several quilts for other people in November and December…which still probably makes it one of the fastest quilts I’ve ever made for myself.

Although I had the pattern pinned for ages, I’ve never actually used just a top/bottom border before. I definitely like it! {Also, I didn’t really follow the pattern at all – just the inspiration. I made normal quarter square triangles and sashed them. It was a little more complicated for the setting triangles, but it worked just fine.}

The sashing and skinny border are both shot cotton.

For the quilting, I tried the popular graffiti quilting, and failed miserably. I think I echo way too much, and I don’t really know that many different quilting motifs. This quilt has swirls, paisley-thingies, hearts, and flowers. Still, though it is very busy, you can’t really “see” it on the quilt, so it works fine. {Not offering it to customers any time soon, though!}

The backing is a last minute purchase with the bundle – Lulu had remnants by the cash register. Who can pass up 5.75 yards for $22? Especially in sort-of-matching colors to my bundle? It’s probably not what I would have picked if it hadn’t been right there for the right price – but it was and it works, so I’m not complaining.

It’s Nordika by Jeni Baker, and in case you couldn’t guess, I used it for the binding, too. Which I debated, because the aqua really isn’t a part of the front, but I think it looks perfect now that it’s on there.

And so, even though I have heard a lot about how much the Little Man “yikes puh-pul dino quilt”, this is all mine to enjoy as I buckle down on some t-shirt quilt orders.


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13 thoughts on “Berrylicious Dinos – A Finished Quilt!”


Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts. The berry colors you used are so pretty!


How am I this behind on your blog?!?! Ugh. THIS QUILT IS STUNNING! Great job!!


Rich and beautiful colors. I love the quirky design choices too, the dinosaur and the aqua binding!


Great finish! Congratulations on meeting your goal. It’s a very appealing quilt.


What a fun quilt. The perfect kind to try a new kind of quilting. I doodle the random designs, but have yet to try it on an actual quilt.


Lovely finish and a great idea to add length to a quilt with the top/bottom wide border. Grey was the perfect colour to use for the sashing.

deb from frugal little bungalow

Love these colors against the snow….this is a stunner! 🙂


Very nice looking quilt. Fun to have the two borders with dinosaurs! Your border fabric dots are fun too! Thanks for linking to the original pattern. I hadn’t guessed on how to make the blocks correctly at all!


I really love it!! Purple is tricky, but you’ve just the right combo of shades and colors.

Debbie @ The Quilt Journal

Your Berrylicious is delicious !! Great job! I love your quilting- It all looks great!
The colors just pop against the snow


A very bright and fun quilt! Glad you are keeping that one for yourself. Congrats on the finish.


I love that quilt. I love the colors, and the binding turned out perfectly. I am always wondering what to do for a leader/ender project, and your quilt is a wonderful choice.


Lovely! I like the 2 borders too. And this is the second time I’ve heard ‘graffiti quilting’ this week – I don’t even know what that is! Btw, I’m sharing on our FAL fb page!

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