About Me


Hi! I’m Kate.

I let people take pictures of me when I go to Walmart in a bridesmaid dress.

{Actually, it’s just hard to find a picture of me. I need to work on that.}

I also make quilts, especially custom-ordered t-shirt quilts and Porch Swing Quilts patterns.

I run half marathons. Because I’m only cray, not cray-cray. I started running in 2007 with the Couch-to-5K program, ran my first half marathon in January 2010, and haven’t stopped since.

I have two kids – one is adopted from South Korea, because we wanted to run a nature vs. nurture experiment. {Hint – nurture is winning. The Little Man is exactly like…CC.}

I have two cats, Tycho {2001ish} and CC {2013.} 90% of my Instagram is CC. My beloved Wedge cat died in August 2013.

My husband is in the Air Force, so if it looks like I get a lot done sometimes, it’s usually because he’s deployed or on a trip, and I’m feeding the kids chicken nuggets and wearing yoga pants.

EMail me at katiemaequilts @ hotmail.com.